Interview: Ryan Petersen, founder and CEO of Flexport

R.P.: At one point this October, there were over 500,000 shipping containers on ships waiting out at sea, with an estimated $30 - $50 billion worth of merchandise in them. Much of it did not get into warehouses and shops in time for the holiday shopping season. If businesses who have imported all this merchandise don’t get it in time, much of it goes unsold during their busiest season. That means huge write offs and losses

Chartbook #68 Putin’s Challenge to Western hegemony - the 2022 edition.

Muted and deferential, the UK’s scientists have failed the pandemic test - New Statesman

Webb deployment complete

Watched the launch nervously on Christmas morning and really looking forward to seeing this up and running and all of us learning much more about the Universe.

Encore une fois

Idly wondering what Google’s and Facebooks budget lines for annual fines around the world are. CNIL statement Apply this judgement across the EU please. Also CNIL, please evaluate Google’s UI flow when attempting to log out of an account on a browser. The same legislative provisions should apply.

When the facts change....

18,433 positive swabs, 52.12% positivity on 35,368 tests today. This should tell you that cases are now way beyond testing capacity. Omicron is everywhere right now, so is there any point in continuing to test like this? Could the resources involved be used better elsewhere?

This is an absolutely fascinating essay/analysis on China’s main regions by Dan Wang.

2021 letter

Of Trees, Solitude, Love, Loss, and the Stubborn Symphony of Aliveness: The Best of Brain Pickings / The Marginalian 2021 – The Marginalian

After Vaccines: Where Covid Death Rates Have Risen - The Big Picture