As a green party member, I am exasperated. We are in the middle of a once in a century crisis and the party is being irresponsible in refusing to talk to FF/FG about forming a Government.

This is not just my view, this is the view of ALL of my immediate family that I persuaded to vote Green at the election. The party has already lost them. What does not seem to be understood is that many of the new votes that the party received came from climate worried FG and FF voters.

The fact that some of our TD’s are trying to portray that the party is unanimous behind this Unity Government nonsense when we all know that it is not is childish in the extreme. It becomes even worse when it is a fact that members were not consulted in any way about this policy u turn.

This is also a once in a century opportunity to completely reset how our economy and society operates in a way that will reduce carbon emissions quickly and bring about a fairer society for all.

And where is the Green Party? Abdicating responsibility.

Finally, I have to question who is running communications. The sight of our Party leader standing in the Dail talking about salads when the camera is lingering on the worry etched on the face of a Health Minister working on trying to access enough ventilators is deeply depressing. Several people have mentioned this to me personally.

Also two days ago, one of our TD’s defending the National Government fantasy tweeting about plum jobs. I doubt that anyone in the caretaker Government is saying thanks last thing at night for the plum job that they currently occupy.

I want Eamonn Ryan to lead. I want the Green Party in a stable Government. This is an enormous crisis but also an enormous opportunity to reshape things. If not now, then when?