1.  It’s spreading so fast, it will be difficult to react effectively.
2.  See the rate of change in numbers in the last few days from the UK, Denmark and Norway if you doubt this. 
3. Numbers will grow so fast, testing and contact tracing will max out quickly.
4. In Ireland, 60 to 70 year olds were vaccinated with AstraZeneca. 
5. Some [studies](https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.14.21267615v1.full.pdf)are showing there was no effect against Omicron from 15 weeks after two ChAdOx1 doses.
6. What percentage of these individuals have received a booster to date?
7.  What’s the supply of Antigen tests like? Will there be enough? 
8.  Lots of people either out sick or isolating will quickly have an impact on healthcare, services and business. 
9.  Some businesses may decide to close for a number of weeks during the worst of the wave. 
10. What will this mean for supplies?
11. Lots of resistance to more restrictions on movement etc but this will surely quickly change. 
12.  Masks (FFP2 or KN95 if possible) Ventilation and C02 monitors for indoor areas.
13.  Make sure you are booked in for a booster ASAP. It will take up to a week to give you much better protection that you will have otherwise.
14.  Reduce your contacts as much as you can. Immediately.
15.  Let’s hope that it is proves to be much milder than previous variants.