An RSS feed that had gone dark almost 3 years ago suddenly came alive last week and I was delighted to see it.

Over a decade ago, Irish Times journalist Peter Murtagh walked the Camino Frances with his daughter and they co wrote a book about their experience. Buen Camino! – a father daughter journey from Croagh Patrick to Santiago de Compostela. It inspired me and I’m sure many other Irish to walk the Camino.

In 2020, Peter began an epic motorcycle trip from Tierra del Feugo to Alaska but the trip quickly came to a halt because of Covid. But now at the end of 2022, the feed from his Tip2Top blog popped back up in NetNewsWire and I was delighted to see he was back in South America determined to continue with his trip.

Peter is a great writer and observer of people and places and I’ll be following his adventures as he rides North to Alaska.

Follow along at Tip2Top