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The Rest is Politics

New Podcast from Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell from opposite political backgrounds. Recommended. Loved the story about Bob Geldorf and Bono at the end.

James Anderson on Masters in Business

James Anderson on Why Fund Management Is ‘Broken’ - Bloomberg I’ve been listening to Barry interviewing people for a couple of years now. This is, the best one so far. I am probably biased as I found myself saying yes! and exactly! to pretty much everything James had to say The headline though, does not do the interview justice. His opinion on the recent Chinese crackdown on technology, the lack of action in the US against platform oligopolies and the lack of innovation that this causes, and questions over whether the US will still be a democracy in 5 years are all fascinating.

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Does Germany need a new business model?

Germany needs a new business model - David McWilliams I’m not sure that Germany needs a new business model, but it’s certainly facing some serious challenges. David is correct about the car industry, but VW is making an enormous investment in a switch to electric vehicles. There is also an Podcast episode covering the same theme. One fact that really surprised me was the forecast population decline in Germany, particularly in the East over the next 15 years.

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